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What Is A Tactical Backpack?

Tactical rucksacks or backpacks are quite different from standard backpacks; their appearance may resemble a regular backpack however their design is entirely different. Regular backpacks are restricted in terms of how much weight they can hold and how easy it can be to reach certain items whereas tactical backpacks are the complete opposite. They are designed to carry heavier loads comfortably and be used in a variety of situations.

Initially the backpacks were exclusively for military use as ground soldiers would wear these to carry out tactical missions. For that reason, the backpacks are compact giving the wearer better mobility allowing them to freely move from one position to the next without being restricted. There is also no need to remove the bag from the shoulders to reach specific items as all tactical backpacks are designed for easy accessibility too.

A tactical backpack is created to survive the toughest conditions without being bulky or uncomfortable. It also doesn’t have unnecessary straps that could ultimately get caught or snagged.

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  • Tactical backpacks are sturdy handy backpacks originally used by the military.
  • A tactical backpack allows for better mobility and is made to survive the toughest conditions.
  • As their use by civilians becomes widespread, the market offers become more and more diverse.

  • Detect your real needs and choose your backpack accordingly.
  • There's no need to pick a 3- or 5-day backpack when you only do day trips.
  • Since the variety of backpacks is large, knowing your goals will enable you to make a choice you'll be happy with.
  • Measure your torso length and get a pack that fits it. Make sure the suspension system gives your shoulders and body enough room.
  • You need a tactical backpack that suits your measures perfectly, or else you'll quickly grow uncomfortable wearing it.
  • There is a pack for every body size. Just search for yours!

Understand What the Backpack Be Used For

There is absolutely no point in choosing a heavy 5-day+ pack when you use it for drip trips only. This is not only a waste of money but time because as you set out, you’ll soon realize the backpack isn’t suitable. The luxury of turning back may not be an option either.

You have a huge variety of choice to consider and this is something you need to give serious thought over because the wrong pack can cause problems. However, if you know what the purpose of your pack will be, making the right decision is a lot simpler. For example, there are packs available for almost every occasion from work to day trips, overnight camping, and three day weekends and week-long excursions; and if you know why you will use the pack, choosing one isn’t difficult.

Have a Fitting to Ensure Comfort

Measuring your torso in order to purchase a new tactical backpack may sound strange but it is actually an important step to take. You need your pack to fit perfectly so that it doesn’t bounce on your shoulders when you walk or be so tight it causes blisters to form. Usually when you find yourself tired out quicker or getting strap burns, it’s down to ill-fitting packs and you want to avoid this. Take time to measure from your shoulders to your waist so that you can determine the right sized pack you’ll need.

If you have a smaller torso length you would need an extra small pack, and if you had a longer torso, you would need a larger pack. It does vary from person-to-person and doesn’t necessarily determine on your height. You may be six foot tall however if your torso length is short you may require a small or medium sized pack. This is something you have to remember in order to find a suitable pack.

Things to look for:

Other features

Hydration System Features

Hydration System Features

Tactical backpacks come with a range of additional features; however one which is of high importance is the hydration system. Now, this is a simple feature but a valuable one and one feature to keep a close eye on. You don’t necessarily need to opt for a backpack with this feature however it can be very useful.

Front Loading For Easy Access

Front Loading For Easy Access

Front loading backpacks are going to be some of the very best when it comes to choosing a new pack. They are much easier to keep organized and of course, you get easy access which is crucial. Front loading packs come with more space and storage giving you the ability to store all equipment with ease. These are definitely best for shorter trips.

Final Advice:

Set Out a Reasonable Budget

Having a budget in place can be of utmost importance. You want the best money can buy and you shouldn’t skimp on the backpack especially when it comes to getting what you need. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend thousands of dollars however.

It is best to have a budget set out so that you can get a backpack which not only meets your needs but is within your price range also. Too many people compromise on quality in order to get a backpack within their limits and it’s crazy.

Compare Tactical Backpacks

The worst thing you can do is to jump in and make a rash decision because it’s likely to be the wrong one. Instead, take your time when searching for a new tactical backpack. There are dozens of backpacks to choose from and you must carefully make a decision, even if it means taking longer than planned. This is an important decision and you should compare potential backpacks before buying.

Compare the durability, the cost, additional features, and the amount of storage available and the strength of the backpack for new environments. When you do this, it can absolutely help you go through potential packs and sort out the best from the worst. It may take a little longer to compare tactical backpacks but really in the end, it is worth it.

Make an Informed Choice

Tactical backpacks are wonderful because they can provide you with an easier way to carry hundreds of pounds worth of equipment. They are strong and some of the most trusted tools soldiers and weekend survivalists will need.

If you are still a little unsure of where to start or which backpack to choose, take a breath and make a list of requirements and then a list of the pros and cons of potential backpacks. Taking your time is a lot better than making a hasty decision. A good rule to start with is the day pack – around thirty liters and perfect for short excursions – this cuts the field of backpacks considerably and makes the choice easier.

Take your time and you will make the right decision!