5.11 Rush 72 Ratings

Build - 97%
Comfort - 95%
Organization - 96%



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5.11 Rush 72  Tactical Backpack Review


  • Very rugged all-purpose tactical pack
  • Large capacity with lots of pockets and Molle
  • Good suspension and yoke system
  • Low compact profile when not filled


  • A bit too much mesh used for my taste; mesh wears out
  • The bottom could use more reinforcing fabric
  • No dedicated laptop compartment

If you are in for the long run and want to spend some money on an all-purpose pack, the 5.11 Rush 72 is a go to for sure.

Let’s start with the Pros:

  • as I mentioned already, it’s good for all purposes
  • very big capacity - the specs say 3 days, buy my 10 day trip to South Africa didn’t need another pack... If you're more on the minimalist side, you can do it
  • sturdy zippers
  • low profile when is not filled (you don’t want to look funny when you’re just driving around the town for some errands...)
  • very rugged
  • the hydration bladder pocket is on the suspension side of the pack (you can have as much as a 100oz Camelback bladder)
  • lots of pockets; the outer webbing creates numerous attachment points
  • I found the hip belt to not suit me very well; maybe "5.11" refers to the optimum height of the wearer? ;)
  • it’s difficult to find the zippers on the inside since they’re black; I for one put some reflective yellow pulls and solved the problem
  • since eventually the mesh wears out, I don’t see the use of so many mesh pockets
  • no laptop sleeve (but a 15”*11” laptop finds its place quite well ...)
  • there's no extra fabric to reinforce the bottom of the bag.

As you can see, for any „problem”, I have found some sort of a solution.

This pack can be loaded a lot and that’s tricky... 40 pounds later you realize you overdid it.

There are many other reasons for which I like this pack. The shoulder straps fit me perfectly and they are wider- just the way I like it. I found very useful the loops on the bottom and the upgraded shoulder yoke.

One thing that makes this pack special for me is that I was able to take it with me in the field (anyone in the military environment wants a pack to go in a hurry) and also on family trips (it’s funny how diapers fit as well as some military stuff did a week before... :)).

I didn’t like it when, after some months of use, I noticed some slight break in the stitching at the edge of the yoke. That shouldn’t happen, no matter how heavy loaded the pack might be...

The internal compartments of this pack are full of little divisions and zippered mesh areas- as I said: you can load and load and load... one risks falling down when standing up, though!

I also like the handle on the top of this pack (in the crowded areas I grab the handle and carry the backpack like this).

On a rainy day I tested the waterproofness of the pack - just don’t go swimming with it since is has 2 vents on the bottom that let the water go through.

The Pals webbing on the outside is very handy when you want to attach stuff... load, load, and load again.

All in all, I like this pack for its big capacity (2894 cubic inches), sturdiness and so many other things. And I even found the way to fight back the „bad” parts when it comes to these.