ArcEnCiel 40L Pack Ratings

Build - 90%
Comfort - 80%
Organization - 90%



User Rating: 3.92 ( 3 votes)
ArcEnCiel 40L Military Backpack Review


  • Huge main compartment for the bulk of the gear.
  • Well padded suspension. Good balance when full.
  • Good organization and... good price!


  • Not very waterproof.
  • Not a lot of Molle.

If you’re looking for a backpack to be your no. 1 help in a military mission but also when hiking with your friends, search no more since the ArcEnCiel 40L Military Backpack does all jobs easily (at least for me)!

This rugged backpack has many good sides, and these are my pros:

  • the main compartment is huge; the capacity of this pack is huge, as a matter of fact. 40 L should be quite enough
  • this pack is not only scratch-resistant, but also crash-proof... I dropped it and it had no cracking, no deformations whatsoever
  • the pack is made of 600D nylon and canvas
  • the buckles are the same color as the bag and that’s important on a survival mission
  • the pack has many storage compartments: the front compartment is large and zippered. The front bag is well padded also. The pack comes with many pockets, and also with a water bottle bag
  • the carrying straps are well padded, give comfort when the pack is fully loaded and, most of all, they are adjustable (making it easier for you to wear the heavy pack)
  • the hand sized handle on the top makes the pack easy to move around on occasions
  • the zippers slide easily
  • all the compartments feature strong 2 method zippers
  • the D-rings from the shoulder straps are very handy for attaching various items
  • the straps are long, sleek and quite sturdy
  • the compression straps on the sides make this pack compact when fully loaded
  • the pack is waterproof and doesn’t rot after being used in wet environments
  • there is an external Molle expansion system for this pack (not large enough in my opinion)
  • the pack is designed to be used in combination with other equipment
  • you can put your laptop inside (I did!)

When it comes to the cons, here are my thoughts:

  • the pack isn't that waterproof during extended stays in the rain; granted, I should have used a rain cover
  • when the pack is not fully loaded, the top flap is too large
  • I would have liked to have more Molle webbing

There are some other good things to mention, also. I forgot about the adjustable hip belt (quite important while mountain climbing, for instance). Kudos for the padded back, also!

I think this is a well made, long lasting pack for travel and outdoors, but also for military and tactical missions.

The pack feels lightweight even when it’s fully loaded and it remains sturdy.

The buckles are easily replaceable.

And, let’s not forget about the price. The price is unbeatable!