Condor 3-Day Pack Ratings

Build - 86%
Comfort - 93%
Organization - 96%



User Rating: 4.3 ( 1 votes)
Condor 3-Day Assault Tactical Backpack Review


  • Good price in its class
  • Large capacity and internal frame
  • Lots of pockets with good organization


  • Zippers and stitches don't feel that solid.
  • Could use more padding.
  • Rather heavy even when empty.

As I traveled all around the world, at some point I needed another pack (the old one did its job alright but it had come to its end).

As I discovered this pack, I also found out its strengths and its downsides.

Even though it’s rather small, the pack has 7 compartments and fits all the kinds of stuff you need, even for a 3 day survival mission. That’s a plus. But, at the same time, I found the zippers to be quite flimsy and the stitches not long lasting.

Let's proceed with the pros:

  • the pack is made with 1000 Denier fabric- water and wear resistant nylon (this gives the pack sturdiness)
  • I found the shoulder straps to be holding comfortably and nicely; the same goes for the hip strap
  • the sternum strap is adjustable, goes from side to side, matching various sizes of bodies, which is great because I'm a rather large guy and I keep having all types of problems with many smaller backpacks
  • the pack has a zipper pocket (on the back) for a 2-3 liter hydration bladder (water is essential when you need to stay alive in the field)
  • there are straps to drag/carry the pack by the top, right and the left side of the pack
  • the compression straps tighten up the load pretty well, giving stability to the pack
  • the main compartment has waterproof zipper and a rain cover
  • I was able to carry my 17” laptop with this pack (even though you need a sleeve for it)
  • there are drainage holes on the bottom, which can become a weak point if you're not careful where you set the backpack when all around you is wet.

When it comes to the cons...

  • this pack is not waterproof (the drainage holes just help the water to run through)
  • you need to fill the bottom pocket so the pack won’t tip over (weird!)
  • I found no use for the straps that cover the side pockets (maybe it’s just me)
  • the Molle webbing on the back doesn’t match the Condor rip away (how odd is this?)
  • I found this pack to be heavy even when empty...
  • the straps look flimsy and I think they won’t last long

There are other things that I like when I took this with me on a mission. The double zippers on the main compartment make the pack remain flat (and that's useful when you’re trying to be smooth and fast).

There are many pouches in this pack to fit maps, journals, books, pens, radios, and the front compartment is a real junk drawer. It’s pleated and it can actually expand in depth... so you win more space.

Even though I think this pack is not for hiking, it works great as a survival and first aid kit (you know, the type „Grab what you can to stay alive!”).

There’s a lot of Molle webbing on this pack (the main compartment, the front, the side pockets).

This pack has a capacity of 3038 cubic inches/50 liters and has an internal frame, which helps with weight distribution.

My biggest concern goes to the zippers and the stitches, but, so far, so good. The pack has done its job pretty well in all military and rescue missions I’ve been, as well as out in the wild. And if it helped me, I’m sure it’s good for the extreme adventure fans also!