Dragon Egg Pack Ratings

Build - 98%
Comfort - 96%
Organization - 93%



User Rating: 4.6 ( 2 votes)
Direct Action Dragon Egg Backpack Review


  • Sleek looks and low profile.
  • NIR treated color/fabric.
  • Very sturdy build with double stichings.
  • Good organization and plenty of room.
  • Well padded and breathable suspension.


  • Really loud buckles!
  • A long list of build and organizational mishaps (read on...)

I've been looking for an EDC bag for a while, and after I got this one, I was both happy and not satisfied with some things at the same time.

Reading this will help you see why, at conclusion time, I would have to say I’m rather in between when recommending this bag.

Let’s start with its pros:

  • the pack is versatile and lightweight
  • this bag is made of very sturdy high quality 550D Cordura, coated to be waterproof
  • the pack has double stitching in all stress points and the stitches seem to be very sturdy
  • the buckles are very sturdy as well, albeit they click pretty loudly
  • the bag has well placed pockets
  • the administration pouch zips all the way down, creating more space for storing equipment
  • the colors are really nice - there's a large selection of colors to choose from
  • the zippers are strong and come with matching color 550 paracord pulls; these pulls makes it easy to move the zippers around
  • the shoulder and hip straps are well padded and breathable at the same time
  • the back is also well padded, giving more comfort
  • the PAL system is sturdy and sleek looking
  • there are side pockets that may be used for water bottles
  • the storage capacity of this bag is rather large
  • the bag has a laptop sleeve and fits my 15” Macbook
  • there are drainholes at the bottom, on the side pockets
  • there waist strap is removable, which is handy when I'm around town
  • the fabric treatment works great for military purposes- it’s NIR treated (near-infrared) to be invisible for infrared scopes

Unfortunately, the cons crept up to a significant number...

  • I don’t like the position of the felt lined pocket
  • the buckles on the sides are very loud! They rattle too much and when there are 8 of them doing that at the same time... imagine that! I used a workaround to get rid of that problem, the alternative being to return the pack.
  • the hook-loop panel on the outside of the bag is too small to fit a military name tape
  • the flap over the zippers seems to allow water to leak into the bag
  • there are no user removable straps on the bottom
  • the inside is green and doesn’t help when trying to find your things inside
  • the clips on the bottom don’t give me any confidence
  • there is no pocket on the lower back area or access to the upper back pocket from the bottom
  • the buckles at the bottom are on the inside of the bag and they come in contact with your lower back all the time. This is a problem only when wearing a T-shirt since it’s too thin
  • the side pockets have no zippers, they remain open
  • the lower part of the padding on the back seems a little bit abrasive
  • I would have liked a bigger pocket for the sun glasses
  • I don't quite think this bag makes the best use of space
  • the waist strap is rather difficult to remove, but it’s easy to put back
  • even though the bag could handle up to 20 kg of load, when it has a 10 kg load, I noticed the stitching to loosen.

But, all in all, I like this bag because it serves its purposes, the capacity and sturdiness are rather good, but there are some improvements to be made. If you ask me, it is somewhat of a shame for the money you pay for it...