Halftrack Pack Ratings

Build - 100%
Comfort - 100%
Organization - 100%



User Rating: 4.65 ( 2 votes)
Eberlestock Halftrack Backpack Review


  • Sturdy 25-liter pack fit for tactical operations.
  • Adjustable internal frame and comfortable suspension.
  • Streamlined and with good organization.


  • The price tag.
  • A few little design "problems" (read on).

For a war fighter, I couldn’t be more satisfied with this pack. It may be labelled as a hunting pack, but I made it my all-purpose tactical backpack.

I have used this pack out on the battle field, but also on my 72 hours trips. I used this on my military missions, but also when mountain climbing, so I discovered a thing or two about it. I even exposed this pack to the elements and I am still pleased with its performances. This is a really well thought-out backpack, in all respects: build, organization and function. I can't stress hard enough how important this gets when you're out on a mission or in the wild and the backpack is your most trusted companion.

Let’s talk about the pros:

  • it is very comfortable to wear
  • it has tons of pockets, pouches and inside organizers and it’s practically impossible to lose something inside
  • this pack is very comfortable to wear even with a 50 pound load
  • it’s got a capacity of 2150 cubic inches (25 Liters)
  • the handle on the top makes it easy to move around
  • the internal plastic sheet and the aluminum stays give structure and shape to the pack, and help distribute the load to the hips. You don't usually find an internal frame in backpacks of this size
  • near the top of the shoulder straps there are D-rings that help you attach more items
  • the waist belt is nicely padded, giving good comfort
  • it has shoulder and kidney straps and a lumbar support padded in the back that make the carrying very comfortable
  • it’s a very sturdy, rugged, though not bulky pack
  • I really like that this pack is adjustable to your body size (this is important for comfort, first of all)
  • the pack is quite narrow from side to side and this is a good thing when space is important for survival
  • it is also streamlined, giving you speed while on the run
  • there is plenty of Molle on this pack: on the top, the sides, the bottom and inside just as well
  • this is, above all, a versatile and expandable pack; the internal divider is removable and this is why the pack is versatile
  • the zippers are quite sturdy (you can figure it out when your 50 pound load doesn’t break the zippers)
  • you can carry two 3 liter hydration kits mounted in the side pockets, or 2 liter bladders in the sleeves.

There are some cons, also. They're not as many, though, and most not that important.

  • the tubes of the water bladders are not large enough for easy ingress or egress. They would be better placed in the side pockets, but this takes from the volume for the gear.
  • sometimes, the bottom zipper gets stuck. I don’t get it why, since the other ones seem to be in top notch shape. Maybe I just got a defective one.
  • the little pouches inside the bag don’t fit anything
  • the top compartment lacks organization
  • the bottom has barely any straps at all
  • there are 5 exterior pouches that have no top, no zipper, no buckles... nothing. So I just put the „worthless” things inside (but it’s not very useful when you go on a 72 hours survival mission...)
  • this pack is not very deep

I really like the rain cover for this pack and the easy access via the front loading.

All and all, this is a well made, 72 hours assault pack that any war fighter will highly appreciate. And civilians that go extreme mountain climbing, for instance, may go for this pack also.