Grey Ghost Wraith Ratings

Build - 96%
Comfort - 97%
Organization - 93%



User Rating: 4.65 ( 2 votes)
Grey Ghost Gear Wraith Tactical Backpack Review


  • Versatile and rugged daypack
  • Hydration system included
  • The pack has no side play when in fast motion


  • No chest or waist straps.

As a military man, at one point I was looking for a new day pack that could do its job better than the one I had.

Finally, I found this Wraith pack created by Grey Ghost that is lightweight, versatile and rugged.

There are so many things that I appreciate about this pack:

  • even though it’s rather small (1054 cubic inches), this pack is very spacious
  • it has two compartments that go compact thanks to the straps
  • the pack has detachable shoulder straps
  • it has a small hydration bladder (around 2 liters) with a detachable high quality hose; there is a concealed top port for routing the tube
  • there’s no side play for this pack when you run or hike in a fast pace
  • the external webbing is very useful since you can attach additional pouches
  • the carry handle is large and makes the pack easy to move around
  • it’s very comfortable to wear this pack thanks to the air mesh in the back
  • the shoulder straps can hide away
  • there are detachable malice clips to attach the pack onto another backpack or a plate carrier
  • the internal pocket is lined with loops so that you are able to attach hooks and pouches
  • the Wraith has heavy duty dual pull zippers

I've owned this pack for a few months and I haven’t had any bad experience until now, so I don’t have many downsides to write about (which is nice).


  • the pack doesn’t have chest nor waist straps or buckles. But, while in the field, I noticed that the tension straps compressed the pack rather well so the lack of these straps is not that bad after all.
  • once I noticed the water bladder leaking around the bottom, for some reason. Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention while pouring the water, I can't tell now. This has not been a re-occurring problem.

The pack is made of 500D Cordura Nylon and that’s pretty solid for a small pack.

The pack feels lightweight even when fully loaded, by the way.

For those who go by the looks, then you should know that the pack looks very nice and it’s well built.

For a day mission, this is definitely a getter!