Falcon-II Ratings

Build - 95%
Comfort - 94%
Organization - 94%



User Rating: 2.18 ( 2 votes)
Maxpedition Falcon II  Tactical Backpack Review


  • Solid build, strong functional straps and buckles
  • Good organization with lots of pockets and PALS webbing
  • Removable waist and sternum straps


  • The long straps leave hanging ends
  • The pack is stiff and it's not easy to put things inside
  • Could use more padding on the shoulder straps
  • Sharp stitches

A few years ago I started to go fishing- man, I don’t know how I lived my life until then! Anyways, fishing requires, among many things, a pack that is easy to carry on the back and still large enough to fit all kinds of stuff (a fisherman is always in need of gear, baits and other stuff).

I had tried so many different packs until I found the Falcon II. Some were too big, some were too small, some too heavy... This one fits, though, for all my needs. It’s large enough to fit the things when I go around town, and also large enough when I go fishing.

And... the pros for this pack are:

  • I am very happy with all the straps and buckles- they do their job pretty good
  • this pack actually expands enough to take the things you need for a 3 day trip (tried this fishing trip for 3 days long, in a fall...rain and everything. Thank God for this pack as it fit my raincoat, the food, the clothes, the water, flashlight, the compass and so many other things)
  • the Molle attachments are great for adding more pouches (you won’t be losing any pencils anytime soon)
  • the thick rubber on the bottom makes this pack quite sturdy
  • it can fit 2x 100oz./3L water bladders
  • the waist and sternum straps are removable so you can take them off when you don’t need them.

Besides these features (which do well enough for me), I found out from friends that the pack has a holster (sold separately) that sticks with Velcro to a section in the rear compartment for carrying a gun.

I also should mention that I tried this pack when mountain biking and it actually worked out great. You just need to make a few adjustments so the pack fits better so you can cycle.

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to this pack:

  • I found the straps too long. They are made also to fit a „large” guy which I’m not and it annoys me when I have to spend time tangling/untangling them.
  • the zippers are rather small and look flimsy (though they didn’t break so far)
  • I would have liked more padding on the shoulder straps (maybe I’m too sensitive)
  • I found the stitches to be quite sharp (and also on the handle at the top- who does that?). But, yet again...maybe I’m too sensitive...
  • as a guy who likes to hide in the woods, I didn’t go for the light colors. But even on the black model, the logos stand out, so...that’s a downside for me.
  • I think the pack is quite stiff and it’s difficult to put things inside. On the other hand, this makes it great for carrying flat items. I was able to make my 15” laptop fit in without problems.

I almost forgot to mention how well this pack fits (fully packed!) under the seat of a larger airliner.

The pack is waterproof and there are no draining holes, which will prevent it from soaking if you accidentally put or drop it in a puddle.

The many (but not too many!) compartments make this pack great at not losing track of your stuff inside.

Its capacity is 1520 cubic inches, and the pack stays compact even when fully packed.