Paratus 3-day Operator Backpack Review

Paratus 3-day Pack Ratings

Build - 90%
Comfort - 81%
Organization - 94%



User Rating: 4.3 ( 1 votes)
Paratus 3-day Operator's Tactical Backpack Review


  • unbeatable price
  • rugged build with double stitches everywhere
  • modular construction with detachable parts
  • great as a Bug-out Bag (BOB)


  • No chest strap and no frame. Flimsy waist belt.
  • The load pulls on the shoulders and isn't directed to the hips.
  • Some build and organization shortcomings.

When it comes to this pack, I would say I have mixed feelings. There are so many good things about it, but there are just as many downsides.

As someone who trains to become a Marine, I have used this pack for the military training but for my free time hikes also. The pack was useful but gave me some trouble when hiking just as much as when I was going on some mission.

The cons are:

  • I found the weight to pull mostly on the shoulders and when you go for a 3 day hiking trip or you're on a mission, you do want to hike easily
  • the waist band got loose after some time and its pads are rather skimpy
  • there is no chest strap and no frame and this is why it isn’t that comfortable to carry this pack when it’s fully loaded
  • there is a smaller pack attached to the back and I think its straps are too short
  • there is no hook for hanging the water bladder
  • the pack has no interior webbing whatsoever
  • maybe this pack is better for shorter people (I’m rather tall) and it would be great if this pack came with an adjustment system

There are some pros, though:

  • you can’t beat its price. For this price, the pack is great!
  • the pack is very rugged
  • it has a modular design which makes it great to carry even when flying (it fits the cabin compartment of a small airplane!)
  • it’s large enough to fit in gear, food, medication for 3-5 day trips
  • there is double stitching everywhere (literally everywhere!)
  • it has 2 useful Molle side pouches (I use one for as a medical bag and the other one for my stainless steel mug)
  • all the three compartments are detachable (2 side pouches and 1 deployment pack). The front pouch has its own belt!
  • there is a large pocket for hydration bladder and a tight opening for the tube (below the middle carry handle)
  • the pack has a sternum strap
  • you can customize the pouches and add more, depending on your needs
  • fits your laptop
  • all in all, this pack has a great build

The pack is made from 600 Denier nylon (that’s not the toughest, but still very rugged) and all the three compartments give around 2000 cubic inches of capacity (that’s more than enough for a three days trips).

I use this pack as a BOB, and when I go camping with my friends for a weekend, and for my spec-ops just as well.