Spec Ops T.H.E. Ratings

Build - 100%
Comfort - 98%
Organization - 96%



User Rating: 4.67 ( 3 votes)
Spec Ops T.H.E.  Tactical Backpack Review


  • Solid build, good stitching, self-healing zippers
  • Lots of storage space
  • Made in the USA


  • Not a lot of inner organization. You need to get extra accessories for that.
  • Could use more padding
  • The chest strap may be a bit of a problem for taller people

As someone who spends a lot of time where the sun blazes, away from everyone (just me and the wild), I have been trying different backpacks until now. Some were big and sturdy, and a bit too heavy, some were lightweight and...gave me trouble when trying to get away for more than 1 day... not enough space to pack my things.

So, I was ready to spend a few more bucks just to know that I am gonna have the best Molle pack for my needs that I could get. After a good amount of searching around, I set my eyes on the Spec Ops T.H.E. pack.

I took the advice of other buyers and also bought a frame since the pack has no laptop sleeve (just zip it in the back with padding). As a matter of fact, this is why I think this is a great pack: you customize it to your specs, with additional options. Only you know how many pockets you need, so spend a few bucks more to make it entirely your own, like I did.

I found the waist strap rather small and the shoulder pads could use a little more padding. I would have liked also wider shoulder pads, but.... maybe I’m too picky. Also, if a buckle breaks, that’s the end of it since you can’t have a spare. That’s not great (you can only send the whole backpack to the manufacturer and they will change it... go figure!)- but, on the other hand, the buckles seem very sturdy.

The hip belt doesn’t impress me much, but it works quite well, afterall.

Despite all that, there are some things that I absolutely love about this pack.

When it comes to Molle webbings, you can find them on the sides, bottom, and front - even though the pack gets heavier with the attachments, it’s still very comfortable and its weight doesn't become cumbersome. The pack is 2550 cubic inches, which is like 50 pounds of load.

No matter how dark it gets, you can find this pack really fast- and this is also important when your life depends on it!

I noticed, after a couple of years of carrying this pack, that the stitching was still in very good shape, as were the self-healing zippers.

Another great thing about this is the hydration pocket in the middle- the bladder is not included, but I got myself a Camelbak 100oz. one and fit it in. Anyone who’s been out there knows that a few drops of water can make the difference...

Even though I didn’t want to mention that, this pack has been battle proven.

Going back to the parts I liked less... I didn’t appreciate the positioning of the chest strap- I think this is related to your height also. And there are no coin or pencil holders- so I had to get creative and organize something for this on my own.

So, Pros:

  • space (you can stack for a week)
  • long lasting stitching (considering the weight you can put in...they work great!)
  • well positioned Molle (easy access also for these)
  • self-healing zippers (yep, it counts when you’re in the middle of nowhere)
  • lots of space for patches (so many little things to carry)
  • the battle buckles hardware that work well
  • made in our USA (no need to comment on that)


  • the price (rather steep, but since it has a lifetime warranty, you may consider this a good investment)
  • you customize it to your specs by purchasing the additional options so you need to know your needs very well. This is a two-way road... you can make it completely your own pack right away, or you have to spend some time deciding what to get.

So, this is how it gets with this pack. I bought it a while ago and... I won’t be buying another one soon. I won’t need to.